Pawlonia: Tree of the Future?

Pawlonia Tree

The Perfect Tree Imagine the best qualities you could ever hope to find in a species:  Attractive grain, easy to work with, strong, lightweight, rot resistant…..And then add in that it’s one of the world’s fastest growing trees, and what do you get?  I’ve just described what proponents love about Paulownia. So why isn’t this … Continue reading Pawlonia: Tree of the Future?


Raised Garden Beds: 3 Great Woods to Use

photo of raised vegetable garden by David Whiting

So you’ve done some research and decided that raised garden beds are for you.  Now you need to decide what lumber to use, and get some tips on just how to construct your beds. Here is a guide for which wood to choose, some design ideas, and a few tips that will make your beds … Continue reading Raised Garden Beds: 3 Great Woods to Use


New Live Edge Slabs!

            We just received 20 slabs in Maple, Elm, Ash and Beech. Also, we have 3 large Elm tree cookies for sale. All of these were cut between 1983-1986. They have been undercover and well taken care of since then. All of the slabs are 3″ thick with a live … Continue reading New Live Edge Slabs!


New Tiger Maple

Tiger Curly Maple

We just got in a new pack of Heavy Figure Tiger Maple. We have 3 sets in the pile. “Sets” are boards from the same tree, so if you have a project that needs matching boards, then these would work great for you. Please call for more details. Please see more photos to click on … Continue reading New Tiger Maple


February Newsletter

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Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Event! Feb. 26th & 27th

Lie Nielsen Tool Works

For the second year, we will be hosting a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber. There is no charge for admission. Please click the link below for more details.   Friday, Feb. 26th – 9am to 6pm   Saturday, Feb. 27th – 9am to 5pm   LIE-NIELSEN DETAILS AND GUEST DEMONSTRATORS


November Newsletter

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Goosebay Newsletter

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West System Seminar

West System Seminar!  No Charge! November 17th, 2015 ~ 3:00pm and 6:30pm Ben Gougeon of the Gougeon Brothers will be here to host a seminar on West System products. It will be interactive if people want to bring up topics that they are currently working on. As well we will have a project here that … Continue reading West System Seminar