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The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
The primary focus of woodworkers and hobbists, both professional and amateur, is furniture design and construction. If you are serious about woodworking, this is the place to be.
"The Guild is such a wonderful organization! Its magazine might be the best woodworking magazine I get, and I get a few. "

Members would get 10 percent discount to purchase lumber from Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber.

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership
Helps small businesses build capacity and develops market connections and for wood products made with a commitment to environment and community, allowing consumers to make a choice that makes a difference.
Phone: (503) 221-6911

Living Forest Cooperative
The Living Forest Cooperative is focusing first on preparing forest stewardship plans for our forests which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, widely regarded as the highest standard for sustainable forest products. As our inventory of certified forests grows from our current 13,000 acres, the Cooperative will pool member harvests and explore opportunities for production of value added wood products.

National Network of Forest Practitioners
The National Network of Forest Practitioners promotes the mutual well being of workers, rural communities, and forests by supporting individuals and groups that build sustainable relationships between forests and people.
Phone: (740) 593-8733

Helping you give the gift of forests ...

Vermont Woodnet
Vermont WoodNet is a coalition of over 150 woodworkers from all over the state of Vermont. We range from small, one-person shops to larger, multi-employee businesses, all of whom are ready and willing to work with you to help you create whatever you are looking for in hand crafted, high quality, Vermont-made wooden furniture and more.

Wood Education Resource Center
The Wood Education and Resource Center supports managerial and technical innovation to keep businesses competitive. It provides state-of-the-art training, technology transfer, networking opportunities, applied research,information.

Green Building

Green Leaf Forestry
Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products focuses on a larger community goal � sustainable jobs linked to sustainable forest care. What sets us apart is how we understand,manage, and utilize forest resources -- and how we work you.

Zena Forest Products
Zena Forest Products is family originated business able to process logs onsite into finished flooring, furniture and cabinet stock, as well as a wide variety of other custom products. The Zena Forest, a few miles northwest of Salem, Oregon, comprises one of the largest contiguous blocks of mixed conifer forest in the central Willamette Valley.

Ohio Woodlands
We specialize in sustainable American hardwoods located in east-central Ohio in Columbiana County.Fallen wind-blown, storm-damaged, diseased, and over-mature trees are taken to our sawmill and turned into one-of-a-kind, individualized wood-products, perfect for unique woodworking projects.
Phone: (330) 506-9012

Consumer Products

T. West Woodworking, LLC., Canterbury, NH
T. West Woodworking was founded by Ted West in 1981 where Ted has designed and installed countless custom pieces in homes and businesses throughout New England.
Ted specializes in fine interior woodwork including cabinetry, staircases, and large furniture. Ted has worked with most wood species from native to exotic and will be able to suggest a great choice to match your style and budget. Please visit the gallery to see more examples of his work! Also, feel free to contact Ted with further questions.

Phone: (603) 783-0200

David Lamb, Canterbury, NH
Since 1980, David Lamb has had his own shop where he designs and builds furniture on commission, often for celebraties. He has won numerous design awards and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Art and Antiques and the Museam of Art. His work has been published in major trade journals and he has contributed to several on Shaker furniture.
Phone: (603) 783-9912

Treehouse Woods Automobile Woodworking, Cocoa Beach, FL
Here at Treehouse Woods we are happy to announce the arrival of the 1937-1940 Ford Woodie constructed of fiberglass and composite materials. With nearly 20 years experience in hi-tech composite fabrication, Space Coast Composites is pleased to join with Treehouse Woods in offering the highest quality composite components available for the restoration of the art form that is the Woodie automobile.
Phone: (321) 783-6781

Custom Creations Woodworking
CUSTOM CREATIONS Woodworking produces the highest quality furniture, employing handcrafted construction methods with forty years of experience. All furniture is built utilizing traditional woods and sustainable practices. We specialize in the design of cabinets & furniture that cater o clients desiring a rustic feel. Since Nineteen Seventy, CUSTOM CREATIONS has been producing quality long-lasting furniture. �You get what you want, not what we have!� is our commitment.
Phone:(218) 426-4067

Littlefield’s Wood Products
Littlefield’s Wood Products, Hartland, Maine, services accounts throughout the United States selling smooth sawn gang ripped wood parts. We have three primary products that we make: field stakes, paint paddles, and slats. The field stakes are used for plant labeling, marking rows, and signs.

Beech Tree Building Company
Beech Tree Building Company is a group of craftspeople dedicated to high quality woodwork in balance with a more sustainable natural environment.
Phone:(360) 349-1558

Creative Sawmilling and Products, LLC
We are a home based company that uses FSC certified wood to produce quality building products and well crafted wood slab furniture. We proudly offer products from native Hardwoods and Pines, grown and sustainably harvested in Minnesota.Lumber,Log furniture, Log accents and timber framing material are all available through our custom sawmilling.
Home: (218) 259-3027

Surf Community

Costa Rica SUP Adventure, Tamarindo, Costa Rico
Doing what we love, teaching a group all about SUP Techniques, Fun and Safety. We love to teach beginners, coach intermediates and challenge advanced SUPers. SUPsurf or flatwater we love it!
Phone: +(506) 8780-1774

Crooked Blanks: wood surfboard blanks, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Why make hollow wood surfboard blanks? Why shape a hollow wood surfboard? Our reason is to bring wood surfboards to every surfer. There is nothing better than having a custom board shaped by a local professional that knows the waves you surf and how you like to surf them
Phone: (617) 461-5755

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