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Spring 2017
Supreme Wax
A true wax finish for bare or sealed wood.
Interior Use.
Products No. Descripation Price
SW400 Light Clear 500 ml $17.95
SW401 Stripped Pine 500 ml $17.95
SW402 Rugger Brown 500 ml $17.95
SW403 Forest Brown 500 ml $17.95
SW404 Anitque Brown 500 ml $17.95
SW405 Cherry 500 ml $17.95
SW406 Jacobean 500 ml $17.95
Hard Wax Oil
Brush or wipe on for exceptional durability on wood floors, cabinets, kitchen counter tops and furniture. Satin sheen. Interior use.
Products No. Descripation Price
HW100 Clear Satin 250 ml $25.95
HW101 Clear Satin 1 L $53.50

   A transparent coating that increases the
   durability of a waxed finish.
Products No. Descripation Price
PR200 Wax Sealer/Hardener 400 ml $29.95
Varnish & Oil
Clear Glaze Varnish
Typically brushed on for a durable finish on all furniture, table tops, cabinets, and floors. Thin if needed with mineral spirits. Interior Use.
Products No. Descripation Price
V101 Matte Varnish 1 L $37.25
V102 Satin Varnish 1 L $37.25
V103 Glass Varnish 1 L $37.25
Danish Oil
Soft “in-the-wood” sheen with exceptional durability. Externel & Interior use.
Products No. Descripation Price
DO1 Danish Oil 1 L $35.00
Teak Oil
Penetrating oil for sealing exterior woods and garden furniture.
Products No. Descripation Price
T01 Teak Oil 1 L $28.95

Fine finish for furniture and cabinetry. Apply by brush or pad. Colors available: Button (amber), Garnett (brown) and Transparent (clear, dewaxed).
Products No. Descripation Price
SH101 Button (Amber) 1 L $35.50
SH103 Transparent (Light) 1 L $41.75
SH251 Button (Amber) 250 ml $11.25
SH253 Transparent (Light) 250 ml $12.95
FS1 Finishing Spirit (Alcohol) 1 L $29.95
Water Stain

Concentrated pure dye.
Products No. Descripation Price
WS250 Mahogany 250 ml $12.75
WS251 Red Mahogany 250 ml $12.75
WS254 Dark Oak 250 ml $12.75
WS255 Teak 250 ml $12.75
WS256 Walnut 250 ml $12.75
WS257 Medium Pine 250 ml $12.75
WS258 Dark Pine 250 ml $12.75
WS259 Antique Pine 250 ml $12.75
Cloth & Abrasives

   Five hand-sewn applications per box
Products No. Descripation Price
GW200 Wax Application Pads (3) $19.75
Tung Oil

Unmodified. Exterior and Interior Use.
Products No. Descripation Price
RM 216 Tung Oil 16 ounces $13.95
RM 132 Tung Oil 32 ounces $20.95



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