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Spring 2017
Specialty & One-of-Kind Lumber
Millwork #M1
Custom architectural millwork/moldings are available in hardwoods or pine. Pricing is done on a per job basis. You can fax us your profile at (603)-798-3254, or phone us at (603)-798-5135. If you are coming in person, please bring a sample or a drawing. We will prepare a quote based on your specifications.

Simple millwork (planing, cutting, etc.) can sometimes be done while you wait, or can be completed in a few days. Completion times for glue-ups and larger jobs will depend on current schedule.
Reclaimed Lumber #RL1
Old Growth Lumber #OGL1

We stock a selection of old-growth birch and maple (some figured) reclaimed from logs that have been submerged for as long as 200 years.

Because these trees grew in virgin forests, they were shaded and grew very slowly. As a result, the lumber has very tight growth rings and a rich color.

Prices ranging from: $12.20 to $19.00 per board foot.

Reclaimed Curly Birch Lumber Samples
Please click each to see large view.

Reclaimed Birch at Goosebay Sawmill and lumber Reclaimed wood at Goosebay Lumber Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber LLC Reclaimed Wood Goosebay handles variety of Reclaimed Wood


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