ABC’s LokSeam® Metal Roofing Panels


One of the most versatile architectural metal panels available today, LokSeam® by ABC, is a snap-together, concealed fastener, standing seam roof system with a 13/4″ tall vertical rib, for use on roofs with a minimum slope of 3:12. Available in 12-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch widths, LokSeam® panels can be installed over open framing or a solid substructure and are capable of transitioning from roof to fascia with the use of a rib cover and does not require a solid substructure for support.

Blending the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of a structural panel, LokSeam® panels are formed from high-tensile strength steel and coated with our Signature Series, Cool Roof paint coatings providing durability, energy-efficiency, and confidence to any residential, light commercial or agricultural application.

Available in a wide variety of colors including metallic, the LokSeam® standing seam metal roofing panel adds beauty and longevity to your home. Ideal for the residential industry, LokSeam® creates a unique design that will endure for decades.

Features and Benefits

Extreme Weather Protection: Through the use of available special clips the LokSeam® roofing system can allow for thermal roof expansion and contraction even during extreme temperature changes. Through the use of a factory-applied sealant in the panel sidelaps, ABC’s LokSeam® system ensures a secure, weather-tight lap, whether it is a snap-together system or a field-seamed system.

ABC’s LokSeam® roofing system carries Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance, UL 90 Wind Uplift ratings and ASTM E1592 Structural Performance Uplift certifications. This diligence provides customers with a product that not only enhances a buildings performance but may also provide potential insurance discounts.

ABC’s metal roofs are energy efficient, recyclable, durable, lightweight and cost effective alternative to traditional roofing materials and are made of 25-35 percent recycled materials and virtually 100 percent recyclable. As a proud ENERGY STAR® Partner, many of our Cool Roof colors have reflectivity performance levels that meet ENERGY STAR® criteria for roof pitches greater than 2:12. In addition to potential energy savings, ABC products may help your project achieve LEED points.

Product SpecificationsABCLokSeamPanelProfileGoosebayLumberNH

  • Application: Roof
  • Coverage Widths: 12″, 16″ and 18″
  • Minimum Slope: 3:12
  • Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System, Standard and UL 90 Clips
  • Gauges: 24 (standard); 22 (12″, 16″, 18″) and 26 (12″) (optional)
  • Finishes: Striated (standard); Embossed Striated (optional)
  • Coatings: Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic

ABC Metal Roofing Color Chart