Real Milk Paint Company Dark Half

Photo of a container of Real Milk Paint Company Dark Half Tung Oil

Dark Half Tung Oil provides a dark, matte, FDA food safe, renewable finish to your wood projects. Dark Half resists marring and is water resistant. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.


Fiddes Danish Oil

Photo of Container of Fiddes Danish Oil

Fiddes Danish oil is a blend of Tung Oil and hardening ingredients that will give a durable and water resistant seal to interior and exterior wood surfaces.


Fiddes Teak Oil

Photo of 1 Liter Bottle of Fiddes Teak Oil

Fiddes Teak Oil is a deep penetrating oil for outdoor architectural work and outdoor furniture. It will not flake or chip.


Fiddes White Spirit

Photo of 2 liter Bottle of Fiddes White Spirit

Fiddes White Spirit is a high grade mineral spirits. It is the recommended thinner for Clear Glaze, and is the appropriate thinner when used in small amounts in Hard Wax Oil and Danish Oil.