Oak, Red or White, Mill Run Native Rough Sawn

Close-up Photo of Rough Sawn Native Green Oak Wood Grain

Detailed Green Oak PDF Price List We saw locally harvested red and white oak in our mill.  This is a rough, unseasoned (green) product.  It is suitable for trailer decking, blocking, timbers, barn flooring and dump truck sideboards.  White oak is also suitable in marine applications. Custom sizes can be sawn to your specifications and


Oak, White

Close-up Photo of White Oak Wood Grain

White Oak, generally, can refer to several species.  The white oak that we stock is quercus alva which is the principal species.  It is heavy, hard, stiff and strong with a hardness rating of 1360.  Although old growth oak tends to have a finer grain, the majority of lumber available is sawn from second growth