Western Red Cedar

Close-up Photo of A+ Grade Western Red Cedar Wood Grain

Western Red Cedar grows along the coast from Oregon to Alaska. It also grows in the states of Montana and Idaho. Western Red Cedar is light in weight and the heartwood, according to the US Forest Product Laboratory, is “resistant to very resistant” to decay. It is not, however, immune to attack by termites and beetles. Western Red Cedar is used for exterior siding, greenhouse construction, and in ship and boat building.
For raised bed construction we recommend the “rough, green” Western Red Cedar 2X6, 2X8, and 4X4 from the price list.


Okoume Marine Plywood

Close-up Photo of Okoume Marine Plywood Grain

Okoume Marine Plywood, which is sometimes referred to as Gaboon Marine Plywood, is a BS 1088 Lloyd’s Register rotary-cut plywood.  It is suitable for marine applications and boat building.  It is lightweight, flexible and has  good strength.  It is often used to sheath kayaks. Marine Plywood, like any plywood, is made up of several thin


Paulownia Marine Plywood

Close-up Photo of Paulownia Marine Plywood Grain

Update March 11, 2019: This item is out of stock and unavailable. Our usual supplier is also out of stock. We are working on locating a new supplier.  You may consider using 3mm Okoume Marine Plywood. Paulownia marine plywood is rotary cut.  Paulownia is prized for its superior strength and very light weight.  This product