Hardwood Inventory Clearance

These Hardwood Packs Needed to Go!

Photo of the Empty Warehouse.

We had an awesome response from out customers – we never expected to sell out so quickly.  The packs shown at right are sold and awaiting pickup.

Thank you all!


We are cleaning out our hardwood warehouse.  These are packs, of varying sizes and thicknesses, of hardwoods sawn in our mill and kiln dried.  There is a mix of hard and soft maple, cherry, walnut, bird’s eye maple and curly maple.

All Lumber Sales are Final.

Pricing starts at 10 cents per boardfoot, the average price is around 20 cents per board foot.

This is lumber that has been sitting in our warehouse.  Packs may or may not contain defects such as blue stain, knots, twist, splits, bark inclusions, etc.   Most of this lumber is from logs harvested in New Hampshire.  It is perfect for rustic furniture or any items you are constructing to have a “distressed” look.  It’s also great if you generally cut lumber to smaller pieces – you’ll be able to cut around any defects.

All packs are sold as is and complete – we will not be opening any packs or splitting up any packs.  General pack sizes vary from 70 boardfeet to 150 boardfeet.

Because the lumber has been sitting in an unheated space for a number of years, we recommend that you acclimate and check the moisture levels of the lumber before you mill it.

It all needs to go by January 31!