Build a Shop Stool with Tom McLaughlin

Facial Photo of Tom McLaughlinTom McLaughlin of Epic Woodworking is hosting a second free live-stream class.  This time Tom is in the shop to build a classic shop stool.

In Tom’s words, “A shop stool can be one of those dirt cheap, mass-produced type…like mine is now. Or it could be a personalized hand-crafted beauty, inspirational every time you take a load off.”

As with the previous class, sessions will air live Tuesdays at 8pm ET and Saturdays at 10 am ET.  The first show airs on April 28 at 8pm.  Tom estimates that it will take 4 sessions to complete the stool.  If you register for the class on Tom’s site, you’ll be entered into a drawing (no charge) to win the completed stool at the end of the class.

In the last Shop Night Live session (Episode 50 April 23, 2020), Tom went through the design process of the stool.  If you’d like to catch up  before the class starts, you can watch below, or follow the links on Tom’s site.

Shop Night Live  with Tom McLaughlin

Episode 50: Tom works through the early stool design process, drawing from stool masterworks like those by Wharton Esherick and George Nakashima, to create plans for a custom designer masterpiece.