Real Milk Paint Company Citrus Solvent

Photo of container of Real Milk Paint Company Citrus Solvent


16 oz
32 oz

Product Description

Real Milk Paint Company Citrus Solvent can be used as a natural and safer alternative to paint thinner or mineral spirits.  It is made from 98% citrus peel oil and 2% water.  It imparts a scent of oranges.

Citrus Solvent is the thinner used in both the Half & Half and Dark Half products.  When it is used to thin the Real Milk Paint Company Tung Oil or Dark Tung Oil, it will not degrade the direct food safety of the Tung oils.

This is a superior grade citrus peel extraction that is completely clear (lower grade extractions are distinctly orange in color) .  It will not add any color when mixed with Pure Tung Oil.

It is perfect to clean surfaces prior to painting or finishing.  Its safe and gentle nature makes it an excellent hand cleaner, electronics cleaner, floor cleaner, or carpet stain remover.