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Product Description

Real Milk Paint ® is a 100% organic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, virtually odor-free paint that will give you a matte, velvet-like, chalky finish.  It will adhere to most surfaces without sanding or priming.  If you prefer a little gloss to your finish, this can be added by top coating with Real Milk Paint Finishing Cream.  If you want a topcoat that’s tinted, try Real Milk Paint Finishing Glaze for an easy distressed paint look.

Use Real Milk Paint ® to create a variety of artsy finishes.  From antique distressing to a “crackle” look, a “chippy” finish to a wash.  The sky is the limit on the inventive effects you can create!  Whether you are striving for an antique look on a classic or antique piece of furniture, or creating a campy look to complement a rustic live edge piece, you can achieve what you’re striving for with Real Milk Paint ®.  You can also create great looks for walls and wainscoting.


  • Sample covers 2 sqft
  • Pint covers 35 sqft
  • Quart covers 70 sqft
  • Gallon covers 280 sqft

Tips on Mixing Real Milk Paint ®:

Real Milk Paint ® is sold as a powder.  In each can you’ll get a resealable bag of powdered paint and a marble.  It is suggested that you mix small amounts at a time – there are suggestions for each size can.  Mix equal amounts of powder and water in the can with the marble, seal the can, and shake.

Alternatively, you can mix larger batches of Real Milk Paint ®: with a paint stirrer attachment on a drill, or with an electric whisk.  In our experiments at Goosebay, we found that the marble mixing method works excellently with the pint sized can.  We didn’t find “clumping” to be an issue, nor did we get foaming.  Our customers also have reported very good results mixing in the pint-sized cans, but some have experienced foaming, which they easily corrected with a few drops of Anti-Foaming Agent.

When we tested the marble method in the Quart-sized can, we did experience some clumping and much more foaming.  The larger can size seems to make it more difficult to get a “rhythm” going with the marble.  For mixing larger quantities of Real Milk Paint ®, we would therefore recommend the use of your choice of either a paint mixer or an electric whisk (we had good results with and inexpensive one purchased in the kitchen section of a large box store.)

Photo of 4 sizes of Real Milk Paint cans

Real Milk Paint® Colors in Stock at Goosebay:

Goosebay stocks Pints and Quarts of Real Milk Paint ® in the colors below.  We stock samples and can order all 56 colors. See the “Special Orders” section below for details.

Sample All 56 colors in stock$4.50

Special Orders

Goosebay stocks pints and quarts in 15 colors and samples in 56 colors.  Gallons and all 56 colors can be ordered.  Allow 3-4 business days for delivery to our store.  There is no minimum order and no shipping charge.

Any size order of Real Milk Paint products can be drop shipped directly to your home address.  Contact us for pricing.

All Real Milk Paint Colors ®

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