Fiddes Teak Oil

Photo of 1 Liter Bottle of Fiddes Teak Oil


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Fiddes Teak Oil is a unique product that, unlike the name suggests, is not used exclusively on teak. It is a pure, paraffin type oil, that can be used without thinning. Teak Oil will not flake or chip when exposed to the elements.

On bare wood, Teak Oil is very slow drying but penetrates deeply within the pores of the wood.

Application:  Two coats are recommended on bare wood, applied 24 hours apart. Use a brush or cloth to apply. Remove excess product with a fresh cloth.

Maintenance:  It may also be used as a renewal coat over Fiddes Danish Oil,.  The yearly application of a thin layer of Teak Oil will renew the protection provided by the original coats of Danish Oil. (Observe safety precautions for the proper disposal of oily rags.) Fiddes Teak Oil may be used over most other exterior finishes, but always test for compatibility.

Note:  Teak Oil’s long curing time (6-8 weeks) makes it useful as a renewal coating over seasonally used items such as outdoor furniture.  You can treat your furniture in the fall, just prior to storage.