West System 320 Small-Batch Epoxy Scale

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320 Epoxy Scale

Product Description

For epoxy batches smaller than one Mini Pump stroke, the 320 Epoxy Scale accurately measures the correct ratio of resin and hardener from 4.4 fl oz down to just a few drops of mixed product. The Epoxy Scale can also be used to confirm the accuracy of your WEST SYSTEM dispensing pumps and to consistently add pigments or other additives. The scale comes in a convenient kit for small projects. The kit includes dispensing bottles, 3.25 oz and 1 oz plastic mixing cups, mixing sticks and pipe cleaners.

The Epoxy Scales dimensions of 5″ X 3″ X ¾” make it highly portable. It is sturdily built, yet sensitive enough to measure as little as .1 gram (a standard paperclip weighs .4 gram). It is battery operated and features an LCD readout display.

Complete operating and epoxy measuring instructions are imprinted under the lid of the scale Simple recalibration instructions are supplied within the carton. A full two-year repair or replacement, limited warranty certificate is also provided.