West System 407 Low-Density Fairing Filler

Photo of West System 407 Low-Density Fairing Filller


Product #
reddish brown
4 oz

Product Description

407 Low-Density filler is a blended micro-balloon-based filler added to epoxy resin/hardener to make fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve. This epoxy filler is reasonably strong on a strength-to-weight basis. Cures with epoxy to a dark red/brown color.

Fairing filler epoxy mixtures cure to light, easily sandable material that is generally used for cosmetic or surface applications like shaping, filling or fairing. Seal all faired surfaces with epoxy before painting

Special Orders

Larger size containers can be ordered.  Special orders are subject to minimum quantities but can often be an “add on” to our regular restocking order.  Once ordered, arrival time at our store is usually within 2 business days.