West System 808 Flexible Spreaders

Photo of West System 808-2 Flexible Plastic Spreader


Product #
2 ea

Product Description

This is a package of 2 West System flexible, reusable 3½” x 6″ double-edged spreaders. They are designed for flow coating, fairing, filling and applying fabrics.

West System reusable epoxy application tools were chosen with both the end user and the characteristics of epoxy, in mind. When cured, WEST SYSTEM epoxy sticks tenaciously to most substrates including wood, metal, and fiberglass.  However, 105 System epoxies do not adhere easily smooth, high-density plastics without special preparation such as a flame treatment. This is why West System  prefers epoxy application tools made out of plastic. The smooth surface coupled with the flexibility of plastic allows you to pop cured epoxy off of the surfaces of these mixing tools so you can use them again and again.

Special Orders

We can special order packages of 12 number 808 spreaders.  We can also order the West System 809 Notched Spreader. Special orders are subject to minimum quantities but can often be an “add on” to our regular restocking order.  Once ordered, arrival time at our store is usually within 2 business days.