Board Foot: BF or Bd. Ft.

Board Foot is a volume measure of lumber. It is calculated using the dimensions of the lumber in the rough. This means that it uses the measurement of a board prior to planing or the application of a straight-line rip.

How to Calculate Board Footage:

Thickness (in inches) X Width (in inches) X Length (in feet)
Then divide the product by 12

Example: 1″ X 6″ X 10’ divided by 12 = 5 BF

Example: 3″ X 4″ X 16’ divided by 12 = 16 BF

Board footage can also be calculated for smaller pieces, such as turning blanks, as follows:

Example: 2″ X 18″ X 18″ divided by 144 = 0.5 BF

How to Calculate Board Footage on Live Edge Wood:

Most of our Live Edge Pieces are sold by the Board Foot.  To calculate board footage for irregularly shaped pieces we measure an average of the width, the overall length, and the thickness.  We then apply the above formula.

See Linear Foot / Lineal Foot.