Board Foot: BF or Bd. Ft.

Board Foot is a volume measure of lumber. It is calculated using the dimensions of the lumber in the rough. This means that it uses the measurement of a board prior to planing or the application of a straight-line rip.

How to Calculate:
Thickness (in inches) X Width (in inches) X Length (in feet)
Then divide the product by 12

Example: 1″ X 6″ X 10’ divided by 12 = 5 BF

Example: 3″ X 4″ X 16’ divided by 12 = 16 BF

Board footage can also be calculated for smaller pieces, such as turning blanks, as follows:

Example: 2″ X 18″ X 18″ divided by 144 = 0.5 BF

See Linear Foot / Lineal Foot.