Rough: RGH

What is “rough” lumber?

“RGH” indicates that the specified material is being sold as it came off the saw. It is in its “rough” state. This material is not planer-finished and will have no jointed edges.

Does Goosebay Lumber carry rough sawn or rough cut lumber?

Goosebay stocks a variety of rough lumber.  Many of our kiln dried FAS hardwoods are stocked in the rough.  We typically only skim plane, or leave completely rough, our kiln-dried exotic woods.  These woods are typically quite valuable and are left in the rough so that the woodworker has the maximum material to work with.

Goosebay also sells rough green lumber sourced from local logs and sawn in our mill.  Species we usually sell in its rough green form are hemlock, pine, and oak (Goosebay also sells kiln-dried oak and pine.)  Green lumber is used in exterior applications such as some marine applications or in timber framing where the expense of kiln drying the lumber is either not necessary, or even undesirable.