The Malco 11’0″ SUP

The ” Malco” 11 foot SUP was designed by Malcolm Schweizer. It has a little concave in the nose and a slight “V” in the tail. Plus the rib design lets you build the rails two different ways (built up solid rails or wood strip hollow rails).

Kit Price$229.00
Finished Length11'0"
Width30 3/4 inches
Nose23 3/4 inches
Tail19 1/2 inches
Thickness4 1/4 inches

Additional Material Options

The Malco has good hull speed for “flat-out” paddling as well as the ability to plane for surfing. You can paddle fast for long distances, but still be able to easily surf once you are there. Malcolm lives in the Virgin Islands and has a long paddle out to the surf break. He designed the Malco to be easy to paddle and be able to surf once he got there.