Olivewood / Olive Wood

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Live Edge

What is Olivewood?

  • Species Classification: Olea europaea, O. capensis
  • Commonly confused with: Russian olive, which is considered an invasive
  • From: Eastern Africa and Europe
  • Used for: Charcuterie boards, high-end furniture, veneer, turned objects, nativity scenes, carvings and specialty wood items.

Special thanks to Eric Meier, author of The Wood Database

Olivewood at Goosebay

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Olive wood- nothing quite like it fills your wood shop with such delicious smells. Ripping a 8/4 slab simply transports you to Nonna’s kitchen where a fresh loaf of oil-drench sourdough has come out of the oven-

One of the great turning woods, it’s also a favorite of charcuterie board crafts folk and furniture makers.

All of our olive wood comes from Italy. They prune the olive trees and cut the bigger branches into the live edge lumber. They aren’t allowed to cut live trees so it is typically hard to find it larger sizes. The rounds came out of an especially large tree so they are very unique.