Aspen Lumber

Aspen (Populus tremuloides), or Quaking Aspen, is a lovely, light-colored wood that grows throughout Alaska, Canada, and Northeastern and Western America.

The sapwood of Aspen lumber is white that blends into the light brown heartwood. It is lightweight and has a uniform texture with a straight grain, and  great for use in saunas as it is hypoallergenic and low cost.

Because Aspen lumber is so white, it is sometimes substituted for Holly when doing inlay or marquetry. It should be noted, however, that the Aspen is a much softer wood than the Holly, so substitution may not be suitable in all applications.

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*All types of wood dust that are inhaled are hazardous to your health and have the potential to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Please wear the proper personal protective equipment when working with any type of wood.*

For more information about this species, please visit The Wood Database.

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