Anti-Foaming Agent

Real Milk Paint Company

If you experience foaming when you mix your milk paint, a few drops of Anti-Foaming Agent will solve the problem.  The same properties that make your latte drink foam can also make your milk paint foam when you mix it.

Anti-Foaming Agent will not only calm down the bubbling and foaming in the milk paint, but it will also help smooth out the paint.  Some colors may resist combining with water more than others.  Bits of pigment will tend to float.  Anti-Foaming Agent breaks the surface tension to allow the paint to combine more easily.

How to use Anti-Foaming Agent:

  • Mix the milk paint powder with the water
  • Stir it gently with a stir stick
  • Add 2-4 drops of Anti-Foam per pint of mixed paint
  • Stir again gently.
  • Use in the recommended amounts will not affect the adhesion of the milk paint to surfaces.

NOTE:  Remember that if you purchase the pint sized paint, you will likely be mixing it one half cup at a time (¼ cup powder and ¼ cup water.)  Your total mixed paint would be only ½ cup, or ¼ pint.  You would therefore only need to add one drop of Anti-Foam.

Photo of a 2 ounce botlle of Real Milk Paint Anti-Foaming Agent

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