Woodworker’s Oil


Product Description

Bumblechutes Woodworker’s Oil is a premium professional-grade blend of oils created by a woodworker for woodworkers. The ingredients are 100% Natural, Pure, and Food Safe.

From its pleasant lemon scent to its natural UV protection, Bumblechutes Woodworker’s Oil will absorb into the wood to create a natural barrier to moisture, bacteria, and light from the inside out. Woodworker’s Oil also helps to prevent chipping and swelling. It will maintain the beauty and vibrant colors of your wood for years to come.

One of the greatest dangers to the longevity of wooden kitchen utensils is that the wood dries out with steady use and repeated washings. As wood dries it can begin to chip and check (crack). Repeated applications of Woodworker’s Oil will keep your wood moisturized and will help to protect from chipping and cracking.

Woodworker’s Oil is perfect for Wooden Cutting Boards, Butcher Block, Cooking Utensils, Rolling Pins, or any porous wooden surface. Woodworker’s Oil is not an appropriate finish for surfaces that have been sealed with a hardener such as polyurethane, lacquer, or paint.  These hardeners will not allow the oil to penetrate the wood, which is integral to the performance of the product.


1. Make sure your surface has received its final sanding and is free of dust and dirt.
2. Using a soft, lint free cloth, liberally apply the oil to the wood. You may also submerge the wood in the oil.
3. Allow the oil to penetrate the wood. As some portions of the wood may absorb the oil differently, you may want to apply a bit more oil to any areas that appear dry.


You can reapply Bumblechutes Woodworker’s Oil as needed whenever the surface of the wood appears dull or dry.

To provide an additional barrier to moisture, Bumblechutes All-In-One Wood Conditioner will add a natural wax layer to help seal the moisture in the wood.

Photo of a bottle of Bumblechutes Woodworker's Oil
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8.45 OZ $10.99
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