Real Milk Paint Company Tung Oil

Photo of gallon container of Real Milk Paint Company Pure Tung Oil


16 oz
32 oz
1 gal

Product Description

The Real Milk Paint Company provides the purest, highest quality you’ll find. All natural, food safe, and creates a flat finish. FDA approved for food contact.

Tung Oil  (Chinawood oil) is a hard drying wood oil that provides a lustrous and beautiful finish. It resists marring, penetrates well, is environmentally friendly and has exceptional resistance to outdoor conditions of varying weather and temperature.

Tung Oil is relatively thick and works best when thinned 40 to 50%, with a good quality solvent.  For exterior applications, a good thinning solvent is  Fiddes White Spirit.  White Spirit is not food safe and should not be used to thin Tung Oil that will be used on items that will be in contact with food.

To preserve the food safety of the Tung Oil, or if you  prefer a natural solvent,  we also offer Half and Half , which is a food-safe and natural blend of Tung Oil and a pine solvent.

Depending of the level of exposure to the elements, Tung oil can be renewed as often as once per year, by simply applying another coat of the thinned oil,  or of Half and Half.