Finishing Cream

Real Milk Paint Company

Real Milk Paint Company Finishing Cream is a clear, no odor water based topcoat designed to protect your milk paint finish and make it stand up to frequent washing and scrubbing.  Finishing Cream is a clear topcoat which will not change the color of your finish.  It is the perfect application to protect furniture, kitchen cabinets, chair rails, moldings, trim, and any surface where your milk paint finish may wear away.

Finishing Cream is available in three different sheens: Dead Flat, Low-Sheen, and Gloss.  Goosebay stocks the Low-Sheen Finishing Cream, which imparts a slight, natural-looking luster to surfaces.  We have several samples in our showroom which have been finished with the Low-Sheen Finishing Cream, including the Real Milk Paint display cabinet.  Dead Flat and Gloss Finishing Cream are available by special order.

A single coat of Finishing Cream will serve to protect milk paint finishes.  If the finish wears over time from wear or frequent scrubbing, it can be touched up at any time.  If you decide to change the look of your piece and repaint, no worries!  Milk paint will adhere to the Finishing Cream surface – no stripping needed!


  • 8 oz. covers 25 to 35 sq.ft.
  • 16 oz. covers 50 to 70 sq. ft.
  • 32 oz. covers 100 to 140 sq. ft.

How to Apply Real Milk Paint Finishing Cream

Finishing Cream can be applied thickly or thinly, your preference.

You can apply it with a brush, damp sponge, soft cloth, or spatula.  At Goosebay we tried all of these methods and preferred a brush application for the pieces we did.  We found that on large surfaces, we preferred a high-quality synthetic bristle brush.  Because this is a water based product, we found that the natural bristle brushes softened quickly and made application difficult.  The synthetic bristle brush stood up very well.

The Real Milk Paint Company recommends using a brush in a cross-hatch pattern to cover walls.

Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Drying time will vary by how thick your application is, but typically Finishing Cream completely dries in 30-60 minutes at room temperature.

Special Order

32 ounce containers as well as Gloss Finishing Cream and Dead Flat Finishing Cream in any sizes can be special ordered.

There is no minimum quantity and no shipping charge for pick up at our store.  Allow 3-4 business days for arrival at our store.

Real Milk Paint Company orders of any size can be drop-shipped directly to your door.   Contact us for pricing.


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