Carl Mahlstedt surfing on a stand up paddleboard

Carl Mahlstedt: On Goosebay, Surfing, and Wood Surfboard Kits

Carl Mahlstedt from the Granite Stoke on Vimeo.

Carl Mahlstedt is the owner of Goosebay Lumber.  He grew up on the ocean – standing and surfing on a 3 foot rubber raft (ya, the squishy kind that the rest of us float and doze on) and later on a longboard – fondly remembered by Carl as “big and orange.”

In the late 1970’s Carl returned to Chichester from Taiwan, where he had been gainfully employed as a commercial diver inspecting oil rigs.  Never having spent time around a sawmill, Carl went to look at a disassembled mill lying rusting and rotted in a cow pasture in nearby Loudon.  He purchased the mill, assembled it here in Chichester, and Goosebay Lumber came into being.

Carl Mahlstedt posed with his wooden SUP

Carl with his wood SUP

We hope you enjoy this short interview – a glimpse into Carl’s enjoyment of the ocean, surfing, and hanging out here at Goosebay.



We would like to extend our special thanks to Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura, who made this video as part of their Granite Stoke documentary.  Check out their website, their Vimeo page, and the full Granite Stoke documentary