Baltic Birch Plywood

This is Baltic birch-veneered plywood. It is suitable for interior cabinetry applications. Sheet size is 5 feet by 5 feet. The appearance is rotary-cut (the veneers are cut from the log in a spiral). The core is veneer, which is structurally stronger than a MDF, or particle board, core.

A Note on Grade & Supply

Update: 8/17/22 :

We have an excellent supply of Baltic Birch Plywood in stock in a mixture of the B/BB and BB/BB grades.

 Please note that the BB/BB grade allows for plugs on one or both sides.

Baltic birch plywood from Goosebay Lumber
ThicknessSheet SizeGradePrice
3 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$35.00
6 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$56.00
9 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$74.00
12 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$79.00
15 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$96.50
18 mm5X5B/BB (cabinet)$115.00
18 mm5X5BB/BB (cabinet)$105.00
18 mm4X8B/BB (cabinet)$155.00
18 mm4X8BB/BB(cabinet)$135.00

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