Red Oak Plywood

This is red oak-veneered plywood. It is suitable for interior cabinetry applications.  Sheet size is 4 feet by 8 feet. The appearance is rotary-cut (the veneers are cut from the log in a spiral). The core is veneer, which is structurally stronger than a MDF, or particle board, core.

Special Order

We are able to order red oak plywood with an MDF core. Although it has less structural strength than a veneer core, it is deemed by some to lie flatter. 3/8  inch thickness is also available. Please call or email for pricing and availability. Typical special orders take one to two weeks to arrive at our facility.

ThicknessSheet SizeGradePrice
1/4"4x8A4 PS$59.00
1/2"4x8A1 RCCALL
1/2"4x8A1 RC$140.00
3/4"4x8A1 RC$155.00

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