The Fugu Fish 5’6″

“The Fugu Fish” is a high performance fish designed in conjunction with Justin Grover of Liquid Lifestyles in Australia. The Fugu Fish is an improvement on the formerly available Fast Lucy.
Justin had used a Fast Lucy, but wanted more performance. What he and Brad came up with is a lightweight rocket with a dual channeled bottom. The performance is like a shortboard but you still have the benefits of a fish.

Kit Price$129.00
Finished Length5'6"
Width20 inches
Nose14 inches
Tail16 1/2 inches
Thickness2 1/2 inches

Additional Material Options

Each kit contains a complete frame consisting of ribs and main spar (stringer). You also get an assembly manual with over 160 color illustrations. It covers everything from laying out the frame to glassing and installing fins.