Acacia Wood

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Over 1,000 species of wood are generally referred to as “Acacia Wood.” It has been harvested, and plantation grown, as a sustainable and more readily available alternative to Hawaiian Koa.

Acacia Melanoxylon, commonly referred to as Australian Blackwood, is considered the species most like Koa. The distribution of the trees is throughout Tasmania and Eastern Australia.

The highest grade of the Australian Blackwood very closely resembles Koa. When figured the two woods are remarkably similar in appearance.

The Acacia that we stock at Goosebay is the Acacia Melanoxylon and is imported from Australia. It is, however, not a clear grade, but a character grade.

In the lower grade, as pictured, the reddish-brown heartwood is set off by the contrast of the golden-white sapwood. The occasional knot is present in most pieces.

Acacia, like most exotics, is heavy and dense with a hardness of 1.160. It is moderately resistant to rot. Some people report having both skin and respiratory irritation when working with it, so care should be taken.

Our customers have used Acacia for a range of projects – a stairway, furniture, and smaller craft items.

Source: The Wood Database, Eric Meier, 2016