Lauan Plywood, bending

Prices and availability subject to market changes.
Sheet Size
4' X 8'
"Wacky Wood"

Also known as “Wacky Wood,” this is lauan bending-veneered plywood.  Bending lauan plywood is best known for its flexibility. It is suitable for interior cabinetry applications, curved paneling, spiral staircases, rounded desks, etc.  Sheet size is 4 feet by 8 feet.  The “bend” may be either lengthwise or crosswise on the sheet – we try to stock both.  The appearance is rotary-cut (the veneers are cut from the log in a spiral).  The core is veneer, which is structurally stronger than an MDF, or particle board, core.

Special Orders

We are able to order 1/8 inch thickness.

Please call or email for pricing and availability.  Typical special orders take one to two weeks to arrive at our facility.