Oak, Red

Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is widely distributed across the United States, but is concentrated and harvested from the Eastern States.

The heartwood of the Red Oak is reddish brown, sometimes appearing “pinkish.” Red oak is distinguished from White Qak by its pore structure: Red Oak has open pores making it unsuitable for unlined cooperage and boat building.

Red Oak lumber is used for flooring, furniture, veneer, general millwork, boxes, pallets, agricultural implements, caskets, and handles. It is used industrially for railroad crossties, mine timbers, and firewood.

We saw locally harvested Red Oak in our mill, which is used primarily for barn flooring and trailer decking.

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4/4FASS3S 1/2" & 3/4"$4.75BF
5/4FASS3S 1"$5.50BF

*All types of wood dust that are inhaled are hazardous to your health and have the potential to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Please wear the proper personal protective equipment when working with any type of wood.*

For more information about this species, please visit The Wood Database.

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