Birch, Yellow

Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis) grows mainly in the Northeast west to the Great Lakes and as far south as Georgia.

Yellow Birch is the sapwood of the birch tree and has a creamy yellow sapwood and a darker reddish brown heartwood. The wood has a fine, even texture and is a hard, strong, heavy wood.

The birch we stock is most commonly “unselected,” meaning that it is not sorted for color between heartwood and softwood. Most pieces in our bin will display both heartwood and sapwood, but will overall be more “yellow” than “red.” Let us know if you need all sapwood and we can special order a “sap yellow” grade for you.

Birch has a wide variety of uses including furniture, flooring, baskets, interior woodwork,and doors. Veneered plywood (lighter colored) is widely used including in the making of.doors, furniture, paneling, and cabinets.

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Yellow Birch
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*All types of wood dust that are inhaled are hazardous to your health and have the potential to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Please wear the proper personal protective equipment when working with any type of wood.*

For more information about this species, please visit The Wood Database.

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