Williamsville Butcher Block Oil

Photo of Bottle of Williamsville Butcher Block Oil

Williamsville® Butcherblock Oil is a completely safe ultra-pure mineral oil to protect butcherblock counters, cutting boards, salad bowls, or any wood in regular contact with food. It protects wood from water damage, is odorless, tasteless, and will not contaminate food.


Real Milk Paint Company Tung Oil

Photo of Bottle of Real Milk Paint Tung Oil

The Real Milk Paint Company provides the purest, highest quality you’ll find. All natural, food safe, and creates a flat finish. FDA approved for food contact. Tung Oil  (Chinawood oil) is a hard drying wood oil that provides a lustrous and beautiful finish. It resists marring, penetrates well, is environmentally friendly and has exceptional resistance


Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

Photo of 2.5 Liter Can of Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

• -Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a blend of natural oils & waxes offering exceptional durability & resistance for internal natural wood flooring, kitchen worktops (wood) and areas subjected to a high degree of wear.
• -Hard Wax Oil can be easily spot repaired by simply wiping or brushing a thin coat over a worn area, even after several years.
• -We do not recommend Hard Wax Oil for use on items such as salad bowls, cutting boards, or wooden food utensils.
• -Suitable for application onto children’s toys – EN 71-Toy Safety Certification