Mesquite Live Edge Slabs

You may think of Mesquite as the scrubby bushes found in the Southwestern US – and you would be correct. These Live Edge Slabs are from the same genus, but grown into trees over the border in Mexico and Central America.

In warmer climates Mesquite grows from a shrub into a spreading tree up to 40 feet high. It is from trees of this size that these slabs are cut. The wood is dense and very stable. While all woods expand and contract with seasonal weather changes, Mesquite will move less than most other woods.

If you’re searching for an unusual live edge, Mesquite is worth a look. Many of the slabs have interesting contours. They’re varying shades of a rich reddish/ brown and include interesting patterning with various knots and bark inclusions.

Pricing is per Board Foot