The Driftwood 8’0″

The Driftwood 8’0″ Wooden Surf Board

The 8’0″ Driftwood is the performance hybrid. This board has enough volume to easily float riders in the 180 pound neighborhood The driftwood is a longboard that thinks its a shortboard. Its the nose and tail have been narrowed giving sleek lines and awesome speed and maneuverability. You’ll be cranking turns you never thought possible on a longboard.

Kit Price
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Finished Length 8’0″
Width 22 inches
Nose 15 3/4 inches
Tail 16 inches
Thickness 3 inches

Additional Material Options
This kit contains a frame kit consisting of ribs and main spar and an assembly manual containing over 160 color illustrations on everything from laying out the frame to glassing and installing fins.

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