The Stu SUP 9’6″

The Stu SUP 9’6″ Wooden Surf Board

The “9ft. 6in. Stu’s Sup” is a short surf SUP that was designed for people that want a shorter, more agile SUP. The Stu is meant to be an open drops and hard turns like a surfboard but give the wide stability of an SUP.

Kit Price
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Finished Length 9’6″
Width 30 5/8 inches
Nose 18 5/8 inches
Tail 20 inches
Thickness 4 3/4 inches

Additional Material Options
The new rib design lets you build the rails two different ways (built up solid rails or wood strip hollow rails) for even lighter finished weight.
The Stu has a fair amount of nose and tail rocker which make it far more suited to ocean paddling and surfing than to flat water speed paddling.

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