Mahogany, Sapele (Ribbon / Quartersawn)

Sapele Mahogany (Entandrophragma cylindricum) is related to the “real” or “genuine” mahoganies from Western and Central America. It is a golden to dark red-brown and quartersawn boards commonly have a beautiful ribbon pattern, which is what we carry at Goosebay Lumber.

Sapele has a lovely natural luster with a wavy, interlocked grain.

Although it is used for boatbuilding, furniture, musical instruments, Sapele can be troublesome to work in some machining  operations, (i.e., planing, routing, etc.), resulting in tearout due to its interlocked grain. It will also react when put into direct contact with iron, becoming discolored and stained. Sapele has a slight blunting effect on cutters, but it turns, glues, and finishes well.

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*All types of wood dust that are inhaled are hazardous to your health and have the potential to cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Please wear the proper personal protective equipment when working with any type of wood.*

For more information about this species, please visit The Wood Database.

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